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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good bye Scandinavia

A typical Danish farm on the west coast of Denmark, a bunch of buildings, home, barn and out building sit nestled in trees and shrubs(to break the wind)and surrounded by vast fields of crops.

Just a little more rain!

A tram is pulled by a tractor out to the point where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea at the very tip of Denmark.

We walked the 1 1/2km or so out to the point(and back)with "a whole lot" of other people to see the waters meet, not and easy thing to do in bike gear fighting a head wind. Another pilgramage of sorts.

It is a paragliders paradise along the west coast because the wind is always good. Many windmills for power are located in this area.

More beautiful countryside, it is very picturesque when the weather is good.

We made our way all the way north to Skanan, the tip of Denmark, to see the meeting of the seas. With a day of good weather mixed into every 3 or so of rain we managed to enjoy the countryside and the awesome views over the water. We couldn't decide if this area of Denmark or Norcap had the most tourists in Scandinavia, ribbons of cars line the roads leading to the tip. In Scandinavia they actually close factories for a month at time for vacation(yeh, like I could see that happening in B.C.)so all the tourist areas are very busy. From the tip we headed south along the coast and lucky for us, and the paragliders, the skies opened we were able to catch sight of dozens of kites hitting the sky. In this area the kiters take-off from the beach when the wind currents rise quickly as they hit the sand dunes the kiters are lifted without any effort at all. I took dozens of pictures with colourful kites against blue(ish) skies, my project now will be to get the numbers down to a reasonable amount. We stayed and watched the kites a little too long and the clouds closed in and chased us into a campsite where we decided to stay for two days before heading south instead of fighting the torrents of rain. It was here that we discovered the electric petal bikes at a bike store, their battery packs were so small you wouldn't even know they were there, no wonder they ride bikes here until they are very old. It's great, and fun too! After two days in the rain we said the heck with it, threw caution to the wind and headed out in rain showers but determined to get back to Germany and our friends "Family Detering" to do a little work of the bike and set off on the next leg of our trip to the Baltic countries and Turkey. Ken has requested a new rear spring and after 11000 km he is also considering a new rear tire. Once again, we are thankful for our mechanic Heinz!

Ken and Heinz installed the new rear shock, evaluated the tire situation and also bought new bront brake pads which will be installed at a little later date. It's great to have Heinz's shop to work in!

14 years, can you believe it? We celebrated our anniversary in Bremmen, having a little dinner and drinks, with Heinz and Martina at a Bavarian restuarant on the river.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger Rose said...

Man, I can't believe the amount of rain you guys are getting. I hear England is worried because of the Olympics starting up next week. They've had more rain this summer than in the last 200 years! Talk about a record rainfall. Here's hoping you are now on your way to sunnier climes.

In the meantime, I'll just go on enjoying our lovely sunshine and think of you! ;)


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