Moto Adventures

Friday, June 30, 2006

Mt McKinley

Everyone should have a cuddly teddy-bear
Camera-shy moose

We have seen the mountian and what a mountain it is, all 20,000 plus feet of it Mt McKinley. The trip into Denali Park was fantastic. We saw 9 grizzly, 3 families of ptarmigan, herds of mountain sheep, and too many caribou to count. The thing we didn't count on seeing in the park was so many people, the number of tourists in Alaska is amazing. You wouldn't believe the money in RV's up here, more than in the goldrush I'm sure.
We are having a bit of trouble getting used to these midnight hours. The other day we spent 11 hours on a tour Denali Park only to return to a campsite that was void of wildlife-I mean of any kind-not a person to be found. Ken and I lit ourselves a fire and proceeded to make ourselves a little dinner, wondering what everyone else was having and was it as good as our Dogs? When I chanced to look at my watch between mouthfuls.....11:00 pm! How could this be? Not our regular dinner hour, we thought. Oh well when in when you are hungry and sleep when you are tired!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dawson City

Dawson City home of the midnight sun, dancing girls, and gold. We don't have gold pans but we do have an extra kitchenaid frying pan. If Ken doesn't hit pay dirt I may try my hand at dancing can-can style. Dawson City is also home of the Dome, a mountain where people come from everywhere to watch as the sun never sets. (We have plans to be there)
No need to wait until June 21st to become sleep deprived around here, it hasn't been DARK at night for the last week or so. Black t-shirts and towels cover the windows in the camper so we can catch a few hours of shut eye at night.
June 19th Ken and I did our own version of hte midnight pilgrimage. Although we didn't DO the whole Dempster we did ride the KTM to the Artic Circle. We packed up the tent and sleeping bags and headed out around 4 pm (deciding to go a little latter in the day because rumour had it the road was good at the time and the forcasts were for clear skys). Our 400 km ride was amazing, a different world, shale mountains, tundra plateaus, forests of short black spruce and at this time of the year still a little snow. We arrived in time to set up our tent on 66 33' and get a snapshot at 12:00a.m., sun still up. The it was off to bed to try and sleep in a daylit tent. Not likely! 2:30 a.m. , what is that we hear? could it be thunder? The Dempster Highway is not a road you want to ride in the rain especially on a bike (we saw a camper flipped in the ditch earlier that day on the way up the road). We packed up as fast as we could while at the same time trying to avoid being eaten alive by millions of mesquitos, an hit the road in record time. Lightning, thunder and a lot of rain made the first hours drive trecherous. Ken refered to snot when discribing the road conditions and we were very happy when skys opened to blue the farther we got from the Arctic Circle. The trip was also highlighted with one flat tire on the way back, and the sightings of 2 wolfs, a big moose, a black bear and a blonde bear. We made it home cold and wet by 8:30 a.m., tired and happy to see the camper and a dry bed.
On the way up to Dawson Dity we have stopped at Mayo and Keno City, (old mining towns), hiked up trails the miners used to follow, watched the water rage thru Miles Canyon where paddle wheelers used to navigate and met some very hard core travellers. Sever couples are on treks from the North thru to South America, somewhat like what we are doing, only they are on peddle bikes. Now that is hard core! Also lots and lots of Europeans who can't get enough of the open spaces. Interesting people and interesting places.

Friday, June 16, 2006

North to Alaska

Well here we are on our next leg of our trip, on our way north to Alaska. Traveling north with Ed and Freida, Ken's mom and dad, we have made trips into the Gang Ranch, Chilcotin, Bella Coola, Chilco Lake, and now on north to the Yukon passing thru the Bulkley Valley and Stewart Cassiar Hwy. We have spent alot of time fishing, with yours truely catching the biggest one so far. The scenery has been amazing with side trips on the KTM taking us into a few spots that we would not have gone on with the truck and camper.
We are now in Whitehorse and Kens parents left us yesterday to start their way back home on the Alaska Hwy. After several weeks of hot weather the bugs really hatched and have been driving us more than a little crazy at night. We are very happy to have the weather on our side because the mountains, lakes, and wildlife have been spectacular. We are now our way to Dawson City and Fairbanks.