Moto Adventures

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Century Plant in bloom.

The flower of the Century plant. I just can't help myself when it come to taking pic's of flowers.

Miles of beach at Vicente Guerrero.

What's this? Canada or something?

We always seem to get in the middle of a cattle drive. I guess it goes way back to my roots.

Again, I can't help myself.

Jumping cactus!

Taken from the view point in the Joshua park you can see (if you carefully through the smog, and this is relatively clear day)the San Andreas fault line in the middle of the picture and you can imagine Palm Springs at the base of the mountain topped with snow.

A Joshua forest.

It is amazing where these will grow!(another excuse for a cactus pic)

Skull rock, use your imagination.

Ken laying across the Bridge.

Our very cool camp spot in the park.
Big rocks all round the campsite to reflect the light of the campfire.

Well here it is the beginning of March, winter is still in the air and snow is still on the ground can it really be a fact of our lives that vacation time for this year is over (except for one short week in July).

Since our last post we have put on the miles. 4800 km to be exact. Nice and windy weather took us the Baja, I'd like to say that it blow us home but unfortunately we had a head wind most of the way, winds so strong they actually moved the camper back about 2 cm in the box of the truck. We stopped along the way to take a side trip up into San Pedro de Martin del Sierras. Good news the road is paved the whole 100 km to the park, bad new (for us) there was too much snow for us to make it all the way. We were able to make it up into the pines though, and riding in snow is always interesting.

Crossing the border was non-eventful, ask us about our agriculture check on the US side. After the border it was straight to Yuma to visit with my Mom and Dad for a couple of days, they were parked on a lot with full hookups, very convenient for watching the Tournament of Hearts. We were there for 3 days and Karen and Matt (my sister and brother in law) will be down the second week in March, no chance of them getting home sick.

For Yuma it is only a hop, skip and a jump over to Joshua Tree State Park so off we went with a few days to spare before the true duties of work call. This park is amazing, good hiking, great camping in amongst the coolest rocks, cactus, Joshua trees(not really a tree but a relative to the Yucca, interesting) and vistas abound. Ken's back was acting up a little so unfortunately we didn't do too much climbing around on the rocks, people come from all over the states to rock climb here, but I guess that is one good reason to come back again!

After leaving the park we still had an extra day on our hands so... Why not swing by Grass Valley, Cal. and visit our friends Lew and Ramone? Pizza, margaritas and an evening of Mexican train( I was so hot, I couldn't be beat!) Super! Off again, this time with the distinct feeling of impending doom. Work and responsibility!

The Canadian border showed us no signs of discouragement when it came time to cross so we were home Monday the 2nd by 1:00pm with the camper unpacked that afternoon, the camper unloaded and laundry done(over 10 loads, 2 months in a long time...even if you are wearing the same bathing suit) by the afternoon of the 3rd.

And now I sit in wait for the end of this day and for the morrow to begin another cycle of waiting for that next vacation! Too exciting!