Moto Adventures

Monday, June 23, 2008

One month of training

My tent setup in the back yard, airing out before the big hike. What a great sunset in the background.

One slightly used, dusty pair of boots ready to do some walking!!! "These boots are made for walking..." that really is starting to become a habit...singing and hopefully not in the rain.

Well here it is the 23rd of June and in one month I, Rose (my aunt), Ron(my uncle) and Julian(my cousin) will be starting out on our big adventure called "The Westcoast Trail". The WCT is 75 kilometres of trail on the southwest end of Vancouver Island, it winds its way through tall old growth rain forests along beaches that run for miles, through fresh water creeks and up and down a series of ladders with (from what I've been told) up to 160 slimy rungs, and all this while carrying a pack 40-50 lbs in weight. Sounds like an idea for a new action movie. Everything you carry in you carry out, and hopefully I will not be one of the things being carried out.

Yeh, this is a one of the things on my list I absolutely had to do in my lifetime. Why? The scenery is fantastic, it is a physical challenge and is (in my opinion) one of the things that says "Oh Canada!" ..."This land is my land, this land is your land..." Sometime doesn't life just make you want to breakout in song?

Just because I am willing to do the WCT doesn't necessarily mean I am ready or able to do it. Coming off a two year trip where I sat ALOT on the back of a motorcycle makes me wonder if I should have started training for this hike before now. However, train I did not and now I start! Dawning boots and occasionally my pack I am now starting my training regime...I think, maybe, when I have time. Well I have my boots ready and I bought a new pair of socks, it's a start and you have to start somewhere.

Stay tuned!