Moto Adventures

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Los Cocos Beach

Los Cocos beach, we were here two years ago, met the Starks and had to come back again and I am sure it will not be the last time. This beach is extremely conducive to kicking back and chilling out.
We have done a ride on the KTM and a few small hikes but all in all our days are spent kayaking and just hanging soaking up the last of the rays before we head north. The water is cool but picturesque and many an hour has been spent gazing off into the horizon.
The view of Los Cocos beach, our camp is about in the middle of the beach.

Ken rips up a little dirt on a ride into the mountains behind Mulege.

We just can't help it...can't you see why?

A afternoon playing Mexican train with, Lew and Ramone and Charlie and Lynn.

The cacti are in bloom.

Cave paintings.

Pyroglyphics just above the beach.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The beach at Aqua Verde. Lloyd, Jim, Ken and myself park on the beach while we enjoy a light lunch in the shade of a mesquite tree.

Looking up 10 ft in THE CHIMNEY

The view from near the top of the hike, cool pools of water and the Sea of Cortez in the distance.

Ken and my washing machine, add clothes, soap and water and hit the bumpy road to agitate.

Looking down at a dolphin below the zodiac on a rare calm day of boating

The whole gang at the beginning of THE LADDER hike.

The walls of the canyon stretch high above us.

Ken enjoys a little wave surf time!

Juncalito, how quickly our time has gone here! We have had happy hellos and shared many stories with friends from previous visits and made a few new friends as well, Lew and Ramone from Grass Valley even joined us for a week and now we will rejoin them at Los Cocos beach 2 hours north of here.

I think the time goes so much faster here because there is so much to do. Ken got the boat motor impeller fixed so he has been able to get our fishing a few times, we got out a few times to watch whales and play with the dolphins. The kayaks got used also, Elaine, Linda and I paddled down to Vista al Mar for lunch (the wind picked up on the way home and I thought we might be blown back to the restaurant for supper) we did a few paddles looking at the sea life and I enjoyed workout paddling out and around the island. Ken has the kayak out surfing the waves when the winds are up and had a great time helping Hayley, a young girl and beach, kayaking for the first time and some pretty big waves as well.

There are a few bike here on the beach this year, James is here again from Revelstoke and Lloyd and Sandy from Maple Ridge. We took in a few rides into the desert, up to San Javier and one down to Aqua Verde a ride on which I took my bike. Most of the rides in this area we have been on before but with the hurricanes and winds it always a new ride every year, many of the ranches are deserted but we found many new ones along the way as well.

Clamming has been pretty good this year and we have had a few good feeds of Juncalito pizzas (halved clams topped with salsa, cheese and lime cooked on the fire). Tuna fishing has been great, one trip out the boys caught 10 yellow tail. The whole beach was eating tuna that night. I have made sushi a couple of times, but I am still waiting for Ken to catch some trigger fish for ceviche. Our only trips into town have been on Sunday for the market, lots of great fresh veggies, prawns and scallops. Need I say more, life is good. Linda and Al have had a few great happy hours that (with all the food and drink) turned into dinners and an evening fire.

As usual we have done a few hikes here (2 in particular that we enjoy), the chimney hike and the ladder hike. The chimney hike was challenging this year but we made it through the chimney and to the top where everyone stripped to the undies and went for a swim, our legs were complaining for a few days but the hike was well worth the pain. The canyon were we hike the ladder hike was quite full of water this year and a few people had to swim in places they did not want rock climb around the water. We were 18 people at the beginning of the hike, with John and Janet our fearless leaders they were the first to jump in and get everyone going!

The weather is still a little cooler than what we think is normal and the wind ,it seems, is still blowing at least 3 days of 7 but in general we really cannot complain. Tomorrow we head off to Los Cocos beach to rendezvous with Lew and Ramone, again we have to rip ourselves away from here kicking and screaming. Man I hate good'byes.