Moto Adventures

Monday, September 29, 2008

September vacation time

Let's just say another year has gone up in smoke!

Ken decides to sell the 950...only to replace it with the all new improved KTM990.

Two weeks vacation in September (I know, how do I get vacation time after over 2 years off and only being back on the job for just 4 months? Just lucky I guess.) we started with a trip to Vancouver. A walk along the sea-wall is a must.

Tony sets his crab and shrimp traps. We gorge ourselves until we can't seafood any more!

Friends Lew and Ramone from Grass Valley, Cal. visit for a week. A must do is the Kettle Valley Railway by bike. 18 trestles with a great view of Kelowna. This one is the longest, notice the burn from the big 2003 fire.

Music on the patio with the Armpit Orchestra.

From view of Kelowna to walks in the woods where we camped at the Nakusp Hot Springs.

After hiking Ken takes a little dip in "the old Nakusp hot springs", Lew was going to join him until the sludge on the bottom of the pool came loose...yuk.

A very calm Arrow Lake at Revelstoke. If you look close maybe you can tell the water is the sky and the sky is the water. (I downloaded the picture upside down)

Jim took us Chantrelle mushroom picking. Here he stands with all and chantrelles and the one pine mushroom we found.

On a dual sport ride up into the Selkirk Mountains we came across a beautiful bull moose.

Fall lupin against the Selkirk Mountains.

The view from our campsite along the Revelstoke lake...hard to take. A great time for kayaking.

A ride as far as we can go up a fire service road bought us to the foot of the glaciers.

A sculpture of an native warrior making an offering to the mountains, in Revelstoke National Park.
With 2 weeks vacation in September and the most wonderful weather in months we decided to take to the road in B.C. and and discover and uncover some of the places we had never been before and some that we love to revisit time and time again.
We started off with a trip to Bowen Island to visit Joanne (Ken's big sister) and Bruce, always our favourite, they are such gracious hosts and their place is THE MOST RELAXING. Thank you!
Rejuvenated, it is back to Vancouver, Stanley Park, MEC and Tony's parents place in North Vancouver for more seafood than we could imagine. Yum, yum.
Thank You!
By the time we make it home Lew and Ramone are not far behind us. It is their first time in B.C. so Ken and I tried to show them the best of Kelowna and then took them up to Nakusp and the hot springs. After that on to Revelstoke to visit Jim, a mutual friend from the Baja and fellow wild mushroom enthusiast. Jim took us to his secret spots (he must trust us because he didn't even blind fold us) that he always finds chantrelle mushrooms in, and we were in luck. Lots of chantrelles a few lobster mushrooms and even one pine. Diner... mushroom pasta, breakfast...mushroom omelets, lunch...mushroom soup. Cook them while you can.