Moto Adventures

Monday, January 30, 2006

January days

Camp in Juncalito

Well I guess that is January just about finished and we are not even to the bottom of the Baja yet.

We have been taking our time this year because we have more of it. A side trip into Bahia de Los Angeles (Bay of Angels) was a nice diversion from the main Hwy 1, the road was newly paved in the last 2 years and there were fewer semi-trucks to worry about passing. Once in B of A we enjoyed getting out in the kayaks for the first time, the weather is alittle windier this year but still managable in the boats. It is beautiful setting in B of A, a sheltered bay surrounded by little islands.

After leaving B of A we continued south, but came to an accident just north of San Ignacio. A Semi carrying a huge transformer was jacknifed and traffic was stopped in both directions. We ended up camping on the hyway until one a.m. when the army finally managed to get things moving.

On to Juncalito just south of Loreto. It has been a great 10 days here already. Walking in the morning, a few bike rides, I`m rideing the Suz 400 now, a few kayaks rides and because it is little windier we are trying to surf the waves in the boats, what a blast!!! I think I ended up spending more time in the water than on the water, but fun all the same. Ken has been fishing a little and we have been on a diet of fish tacos for lunch. `Living off the land` as Ken calls it, it is good to say the least.

Tuesday its is off to La Paz to see our friends the Hillbillys from Tennesse. Gene has not been feeling great lately so he is having tests done to see what is up. Hope it isn t anything too serious.

Well look at the time the morning is gone already and lunch awaits, or should I say we await lunch.

This afternoon, a bike ride, a kayak paddle, a walk, a little shopping in Loreto, or maybe a Spanish lesson. Descisions, descisions!!

Adios Amigos

Monday, January 16, 2006

Driving the U.S.A.

Well Peggy "That was easy". This year was probably the easiest drive down through the U.S. that Ken and I have had in the 8 years we have been together. Rain at Omak, a little fog at Dry Falls, there is always snow going over the pass at Pendleton, and a blizzard that blew through Jack Pot so fast and furious that all it left were bags under my eyes from lying awake during the night listening to it.
Both Ken and I caught a cold the day we left but we have been getting plenty of rest and that seems to have worked wonders for us. Because the roads where so good this year I even took over the wheel for a couple of hours.
Lake Havasu was our first stop for more than one night, mom and dad have a BLM site they like to to and it turned out to be perfect. It was close to town so Ken nad I got on the KTM and went to town to order Kulba lowering links for my DRZ400, as it is now I can just touch the ground on my tippy toes. We also found out we will need a new clutch cylinder on theKTM again we already replaced it in Bermany in September. I guess it is better we found out here than when we where in the middle of the desert in Mexico somewhere.
Well a day at Quartzsite , a power shop at Cosco in El Centro and at last we hit Mexico. Vida es muy bien!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

We have always dreamed of travelling and sometimes dreams to come true! Today is the first day of our 22 month long adventure, what could be more fun. Maybe we will see you on the road. Look for the white rig with all the toys, and the two Canadians with the huge smiles on their faces.