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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home in Canada...for a while!

Yes, back in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada! What is it about being home and all of a sudden things that were important like letting our friends and family know what was what via our Blog get put on the back burner.

We arrived home (we are hanging our helmets at my Mom and Dads' place in Westbank for the time being) on May 18th after racing and dodging the weather through the northern states. We made our way through Yellowstone National Park stopping to check out the bison and the thermal geysers, we laughed as we toke note that in the States the whole area around the geysers is blocked off and you can't even walk in the general vicinity while in Bolivia you can walk up to the rim of a geyser, if you dare, and look down into it. Ah, liability!

Since we have returned home our days and nights have been full of visiting friends and family here, finding out the latest gossip, and getting back to real life; insurance, alternate forms of transpatation...i.e. truck and camper, and taxes. Oh please take me away again, I think I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting.

We have a pretty full summer planned with Ken going on a wilderness adventure via KTM to northern Canada and Alaska with 3 other guys, Shaun, Dan and Ken. They leave June 13th, 2 weeks, 1500 kms of gravel and another 3500 km of pavement...this one is a guys ride! I plan to do a little camping and hiking with girls, you know to get back in the loop and when Ken gets back we will start planning our next leg of our adventure...hopefully the eastern countries in Europe at the end of August through November (I have to be back to work :( November 24th ). Meanwhile, we plan to kick back and enjoy an Okanagan summer, which is something neither of us has ever been able to do because we both started working summers at the age of, what was it 6?

We will be doing our best to keep up with correspondence with friends we made along the way on our travels south and the blogs and websites we know you work so hard on. Please keep in touch, keep travelling, and

keep the rubber down!