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Monday, December 31, 2007

All Philosphical

This little buffer fish may have a cute little face but its spines are down right nasty.

Even the Pelicans aren't fishing on this warm and calm day.

Larry and Betty hosted a pig roast in their back yard, umm umm good.

New Years Eve a dozen or so of us got together for a pizza party. Elaine and I made the crusts and everyone brought their favorite toppings and made their own pizzas.

The Whales Tail welcomes everyone to La Paz, if you look very, very close you can also see a flying dove.

Well here it is the end of 2007, I can't believe the year has gone by so fast and that we have seen so much and met so many fantastic people. In reality, as i sit here preparing for our New Years Eve festivities I can't even reflect on the whole year it is just too mind boggling.

Last year at this time we were in Columbia and have traveled South American, visited home in B.C. for the summer, explored eastern Europe and have travelled full circle back to where all our travelling dreams started, while we sat on the beach and looked out over the desert and deep blue sea, the Baja. We have been here for over a month and roots are already starting to develop but I find I am starting to long for the open road and places not yet visited.

2008...more open road? new countries? We have decided not to make any New Years resolutions or any major plans carved in stone but there are a few places on our list of places to see that we haven't hit yet. But, first back to work for a while$$$.

Back in the Baja, this year has been a little windier and cooler than what we remember in the past so we have not been doing much camping or fishing (Ken had a little mechanical difficulty with the boat motor, namely the impeller) and have hanging with Gene, Elaine and Ralph in Comitan. Biking is still on the agenda three times a week and I know when we do leave here Ken and I will both miss it a lot. The kayaks haven't been of the roof of the trailer in weeks but Elaine and I have a daily walking route. As usual lots of great food with Elaine and I cooking southern style in her kitchen, community parties and not to mention our favorite fish taco stand "Mr Taco". Christmas was spent with a few friends over for ham dinner and cocktails, and I have to say I missed the Christmas carols that are usually sung around the Ficke Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

La Paz has grown leaps and bounds since we were here last in 2006, you can find anything you need in the grocery stores, there is multiplex theater where you can take in a movie for $3 and lots of restaurants to choose from. We plan on tearing up roots here in a few days, after Gene's 80th birthday on Jan. 3rd to be exact, at that time we will be heading to the Pacific side to camp on the beach for a week or two...that's what the plan is now, but that could change.