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Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend to end all women's cancers

Shoppers Drugmart Weekend to End all Women's Cancers

This is it, we made it to the end of our 60 plus km.
We're happy as we strut our stuff down the pink carpet.
But read on to see how we got to this point!

Here is the crew...our team...The CSI Wine Country Walkers,

together we raised close to $19,000.00.

What a team!!!

And we are off. Over 1100 of us, over 2200 walking feet and just about as many boobs! 2 day walkers pledged at least $2000 and one day walkers at least $1200.

Boobs on 4 wheels (I'm talking about the vehicle in the background),this one of the support vehicles that constantly drove with the walkers making sure they were all doing fine and didn't need help, first aid or a ride to the next checkpoint.

Boobs on 2 wheels(again, I'm talking about the bike)support staff was at every corner making sure we were save crossing intersections. Support staff even had to raise $500 just to help with the event.

At one of the many rest stops we eat, drink and rub our feet while we enjoy the amazing view of the city of Vancouver.

Our trek took us all the way down town and around False Creek from our starting point at U.B.C

After a scorching first day we all enjoyed at class of something cold and hung together in the shade, out of the sun.

After day one a shower is in order and then it is back to our tent city to catch some zzz's before we set out at 7 am the next morning. Although we were all originally assigned tent mates, more than a few people opted out of tenting (after the long day walk of 35 km) and headed for the nearest hotel, leaving Julie, Susan and myself to each enjoy a tent by ourselves.

There is always something good for a laugh, and laugh we did.

Susan gets a Sushisu (not sure of the spelling) massage to help ease those aching muscles. Susan, Julie and I all one, marvelous.

Heat was really quite warm out!!!

Words of strength and encouragement!

Well, I'm back from one amazing experience! Walking 60 km through the streets on Vancouver in 2 days was harder than I thought it would have been but it was also more rewarding. Yes my feet are sore and yes the fatigue of the weekend may take a day or two to get over but all in all I faired well (even my bad knee). I made over my $2000 pledge and the event raised over 2.1 million dollars in aid of all women's cancers.

It was inspirational to spend time with so many people who were making this walk in the name of loved ones-mothers, daughters, wife's and friends who are survivors...or not. For me, I am proud to have been a part in something that I hope will find a day when there is a cure and we no longer have a need for this walk.

Thank you to all my sponsors, my hat goes off to you and your generosity, and finally my running shoes come off. Oh those poor feet with blisters and all!