Moto Adventures

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Summer 2009

Summer went too fast this year. Lots of friends and family, lots of work, and lots of sun. This is what our summer looked like.

We drove to great heights with Kens' Mom and Dad, up Nickleplate road.

We hiked to great heights with my aunt Rose up Pincushin mountain for a fantastic view of Peachland and the Okanagan Lake.

Oh yeah, did I mention my 30 year grad reunion!

Friends from Germany take a look at Kelowna far below.

While in the Kootenays for my Grandmothers' funeral we took a hike up into Kokankee Glacier park

My sisters Karen and Sharon and her man Lawerence, Ken and I at Kokanee lake, we never did see Kokanee Glacier

I always have to have at least one picture on flowers along the way

Karen and Sharon show off some of the blueberries and Huckleberry we picked when we hit the mother load along the side of the road on our way home from our hike

Ken and I took a few weekend camping trips with the Vstrom and a tent.

While camping at

Whiteswan lake we tried out a local

hot spring right on the river, the cold glacier water of the river was the

only thing that cools down

the water

We have been to Mt Robson several times but never have we had such a clear view as the weekend we rode the loop through Jasper National Park

Ken checks out the Columbia Ice fields, they have receded quite a bit since my first time there in the 1970's

More beautiful views along the way

Smoke makes for a very colorful sunset looking over the Shuswap lake, from Kens' brother Rons place

Kens brother Ron, Roseanne and Mercedes took us out fishing in their new boat, no bites but good times!

Mercedes and I pose for pics

Ken sits and eats huckleberries until he can't eat no more

We tend to gravitate to places of high altitude! This is the view of Kootenay Lake from above Kaslo

The last ride of the 2009, Chris and Gerry, Ken and I go for a afternoon ride on a chilly but sunny afternoon in early November