Moto Adventures

Monday, December 05, 2011

Look who's coming to dinner!

The guest of honour, dressed to perfection!

What a spread! Chris's baked onion in front, Yummy! Al, carving the turkey in the back and everything in between.

Ken and I get dressed for Thanksgiving and enjoy the day with friends.

Yes, it does get chilly.

The Mexican Musial ride arrives at the San Javier Mission.

A cocktail vendor sells every type of drink you could want, not just the old tequilla standbys.

We have our routine. As the time here on the beach trickles by not much happens to change the daily routine, so when something does happen I jump at the chance to take pictures and write a line or two on the blog site. So, what has happened here on the beach that could have made me pick up my pen? American Thanksgiving and with that a change in the temperature.

If you have been following the blog you already know that Ken and I returned home for our Canadian Thanksgiving and consumed more than our fair share of food to be thankful for but that is no reason for us to refuse a great opportunity to partake in another festivity full of fantastic food, fun and friends (some of whom are actually Americans and have the just reason to be gobble, gobbling so late in the year). We all pitched in 30 pesos each (about $2.00 each)for the turkey and everyone brought a side dish, potluck style. Everything was there...turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes...the works. Delightful!

The day was hot and humid and we were lucky to have eaten early because come 5-6 p.m. a few clouds rolled in as and Ken and I lay contently groaning in our camper we listened to the rain drops on the roof. We have had a couple of rainfalls this season but nothing that amounted to much, however, after every rainy day the weather seems a little cooler and the wind a little crisper. Here we are today still in shorts but many of us donning sweatshirts and would believe...toques! Elaine and Donny (from Merritt) stopped by Juncilito on their way to Los Frailles and Elaine handed out early Xmas presents of toques she had made on the drive down (she also brought a bunch of little baby toques for us to give out to some of the Mexican ninos) Toques do you believe it? Just in time! Thanks Elaine.

Every year the pueblo of San Javier hosts 'San Javier Days'. Three days in which the little pueblo grows from a meager 200ish people to 4-5000! Ken and I decided that after 13 years of coming down here it was about time we took in the festival, and what a festival is was! First of all the Mexican Musical ride on horseback slowed the traffic to a halt and we ended us walking the last km or so faster than we could have rode it (we took the bike on the 32 km ride into the mountains, of which the first 21 km is now paved). Actually we started walking in to town when a old Jeep Wagoneer passed us and then proceed to die in the middle of the road, 5 0r 6 people jumped out of the Jeep and into the back the truck that was in front of them on the road. The driver of the Jeep got the vehicle going about the time we walked by so they told us to get in and off we went, coughing and choking all the why. We made it to town in style and it felt as if we were in a parade as our driver yelled salutations and shook hands with just about everyone we passed. When we got to San Javier I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it...all the people, tents and vendors! The town was in pleasant turmoil! What a hoot. Ken couldn't get out of there fast enough and I was wishing we would have brought our tent and stayed the night for the party. Well, maybe not, 3 hours was enough.

Today it is back to the routine, Ken is hiking the with a group from a caravan that has stopped in at the beach on their way up the Baja so he is having a great time and Linda and I walked over to the Internet so I could visit with you! Hope all is well with you as it is with us!