Moto Adventures

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life at Home

Ken takes a moment to look over the Okanagan valley, taking in the lake, vineyards and yes cacti in bloom.

While hiking the Rosevalley rim trail you have a great view of Kelowna and the Okanagan Lake below.

Well here we are back at work now, Ken doing masonry work with a friend and me...well it is no surprise that I am back in the rat race at Save On Food. A full month back at work and it truly feels as if I have not been away and I am already dreaming of our next escape, Ken on the other hand is enjoying his new occupation learning the ways of building rock walls ( a switch from the years gone by when he used to blow them up working with explosives with CIL).

The top two: questions that is!
How does it feel to be back home? You must be glad to be back?
I guess sleeping in my own bed does fell rather good but Ken and I both seem to be rattling around a bit in our house (all 1300 sq ft of it), after living on the bike and in the camper for the last 2 1/2 years the house is more than enough room and there is always something to clean or dust not mention the yard and the lawn that needs mowing twice a week. Life on the road somehow seems much easier. Even if you don't know where you will lay your head each night or what will dinner will consist of a day on the road was never mundain or overwhelming. As you can tell I miss it already.
What was your favorite place you travelled on your adventure?
And I ask, For what? Beaching it? Hiking? History? Food? Culture? I couldn't even start to pick just one. Nicaragua had miles of amazing untouched beaches, the hiking in the mountains in Austria and Bulgaria...breathtaking and along the coast on Crete the views went farther than the eye could see, Prague was a maze of unbelievable stone architecture, riding the hills along roads that you know were just goat trails at one time is a bikers dream, and do I really have to say anything about the pizza in Italy, the tacos in Mexico, the Bratwurst...the Cognac...the BBQ...the Greek salads...I could go on forever. When we travel we embrace all the people, their food and drink, their culture and their way of life. It is impossible to pick just one.
Why did you come back?( to work, to Westbank, to the same way of life?)
It really is beautiful here in our little corner of the world, and after all is said and done it is home, it is the place I want to come back to in the end. And as for work, well...we are not independently wealthy so in order to finance our next trip we do have to work on our financial standing. Back to work, back the putting money in the back, back to spending money on travel, it all makes perfect sense to us. So meanwhile, we will mow the lawns and enjoy a game of bocchi with friends, we will enjoy sleeping in our own beds and doing the laundry that comes with that. It is all part of the big picture and you know I love life's little photos.