Moto Adventures

Sunday, December 12, 2010


We always have to stay a night a Coco's beach even if it is not the same without Lew and Ramone

Ken over sees the Juncalito pizzas: our first happy hour at Al and Linda's camp.

It is very hard to wake up to this every morning. Our view from our campsite situated under the lighthouse at Juncalito(for those of you who know the spot).

Ken loves to fish! As of today each fish has cost us $12($45 for the licence), but boy are we having fun fish most nights and ceviche for happy hour today!

Like every preceding trip an excursion to San Javier is in order. This year the road is just about paved to the top of the hill. After San Javier it was over to the Pacific side to visit Gordon and Doreen(from Little Smokey) in Lopez Mateos.

Just a quick How-do-you-do to let everyone know we are safe and sound on Juncalito Beach where the sun shines and breeze blows everyday! The drive down was quiet (the way we like it) and the road is good, they are building a lot of new bridges and making the lanes much wider in many spots. We are busy with everyday life down here, we are not sure where the days go...biking, walking, body surfing, kayaking and fishing...the usual. What can I say?