Moto Adventures

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Juncalito-Loreto again

Well after 2 months we and Mom and Dad have parted company. They to head north and we to head to the Pacific and our private beach where in the past years we have been by ourselves with nothing else but the sun, surf and miles of empty beach. This year however, when we arrived we found that the windsurfers had discovered the beach and liked it as much as we did. We stayed only the one night, the wind blow us off the beach and back to Juncalito. To our great dismay however, we returned to Juncalito minus one kayak. Somewhere along the way it had fallen off the roof of the trailer. We backtracked the 220 km to the Pacific but never saw it again :(

Back to Juncalito again. We need to wait to head north until friends from San Diego meet us in Loreto with our insurance papers for the KTM, the insurance ran out March 7 oops . On the last 3 days before they arrived we moved into an R.V. park in Loreto, Ken wined and dined me on tacos. One night we dug out our T.V., which we had not used yet, and watched Austin Powers outside with a bunch of other campers. Movie night in Loreto, I could have swore Walter was right there with us. More bad news, while we had a great time watching the movie with friends at the R.V. site our friends with the insurance paper arrived and left Loreto, taking the papers with them, plan B we will pick the paper up in San Diego on the way north.

We have been meeting lots and lots of great people, many of whom seem to think that work is over rated and that real life is about travelling and seeing the world. I have been thinking about this theory and it starting to become clearer (Ken thinks this is a good thing), will keep you posted.

News flash! We met Martin Yache, he is from Argentina and is travelling from L.A. to Argentina on his BMW 650. We will meet up with him next year on our way down to Tierra del Fuego and maybe ride togeather for awhile. Anyway we went to an Argentinian restaruant last night to try Choripan, a homemade choriso on a bun with Chimicurri sauce on it. Great, I can´t wait to get to Argentina. Check out his website at

1 c olive oil
1/4 c vinegar
finely chopped garlic, lots
finely chopped parsley
finelychopped basil
pinch of chiles
salt and pepper
Let marinade, the longer the better. Great on all BBQ´d meats, and sandwiches .

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Los Cerritos - Juncalito Beach

View from Sierra de la Laguna

Blue Whale off the coast of Loreto and Humpback Whale off Carmen Island

It has been a while hasn`t it? I could lie and say we haven`t been near an internet but that just wouldn`t be right. Todo Santos - Los Cerritos has come and gone already. We spent an hour every day boogie boarding and caught alot of great waves. Terry and Peter, a couple of Kens biking buddies, joined us for 4 days so we did a few 950 rides into the mountians and down to Cabo. Cabo is a bigger zoo than ever with huge cruise liners in port most every day, lots and lots of people. Ken and I did a hike into the Sierra de la Laguna park one day and I think the weather was the hottest yet that day. We hiked to an elevation of 4159 ft. straight up with alot of sandy and rocky trail. But what a view of the desert and ocean. There are camping spots at the top , 5500 ft. Next trip we would like to take 3-5 days to do the full hike. We were a little sore the next day but luckily we were still able to BOOGIE.
We are back at Juncalito beach now and have been here for at least a week. The whales have come into the Bay since we were here last, so everyday that is not windy we take the zodiac out and hang out and watch them for a while. These whales are humpbacks, blues, and fin whales and are much bigger than the gray whales on the Pacific coast. These whales are anywhere from 80 to 120 ft long, they make the zodiac look pretty small. Amazing! Also this year we have seen alot of Rays and Dolphins, Ken even got in the water and snorkeled with the dolphins one day. Snorkeling has been good and so has the clamming. For several nights now there has been phospheresance in the water. Every time a wave breaks or there is any surface disturbance the water just glows, very cool.
Mom and Dad are still with us, for maybe another week, then they will head north and we will most likely go to the Pacific again for a while. BOOGIE!