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Monday, February 04, 2008

Quite Ordinary

You are not going to believe this but Ken and I are still in La Paz at Gene and Elaines place. We have settled into an almost normal routine around here with friends with lot of things to do. Adding to our spanish vocabulary is not something we have been working on here because it just isn't needed, everyone (just about) speaks english or at least a little. Here are a few pics that tell the story, we have kept busy and just haven't started north...until tomorrow. We will miss everyone and have alot of good memories of the last 2 months (along with a few scrapes and bruises from our bike rides).

With the cooler weather and a little rain the cactus are breaking out in color.

On one of our hikes into the mountians we came across this series of ledges and saddlebacks, Ken is in the background sittng waiting for me.

A full moon, on one of our camping trips created a great backdrop.

You can see the arroyo below that we followed back to our camper in far below. After going up and over a few mountains trudging through the sand was not easy even if the terrain was flat.

Ken found this little amigo under a log. The scorpion measured about 3 inches head to tail (although we didn't stretch him out to see).

A look back down the coast north of La Paz and San Juan de la Costa.

We built a karin on top of one of the mountains we climbed.

Me and the boys are out on horseback, riding up an arroyo, over a mountain and back to the ranch. A few days later Ken and I hiked the same trail, it was great either way.

The gang on our last ride before we leave, Ken (behind the camera) and Ralph (must have taken a trip into the bush) are the only ones missing.

Ken and Ralph entered a horseshoe tourney. Even with Ken's great form they were knocked out in the semi-finals. I think the whole thing was stacked with some semi-pro shoers just off the curcuit.

Thanks to John and Ingrid for a few great days fishing, to bad the luck wasn't good. Speaking of luck, Ken has been out of luck with our boat motor. It looks like we will have to wait until we reach Juncilito where we will meet Lew and Ramone and they can bring us an impellor from the states.

With all the Americians down here in this neighbourhood the Super Bowl was a very big event, Elaine made and decorated this cake. I, on the other hand, had no interest in the game so I kept busy playing Bulla (a type of poker game) and even won myself 8 bucks, thats at least 6 tacos...yum yum!
Bye Bye La Paz