Moto Adventures

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As the days drift by so does another month. Still cooler and windier weather has kept us off the water most days but the few days that were nice were very nice and Ken and I hit the water, I in my kayak and Ken in the zodiac.

Ken caugh a nice size yellowtail tuna, which he had a great time bringing into the boat, it puller the zodiac around without too much troubleand in the end it made a great feast of fish tacos for th beach.

The days I have been out in the kayak have been beyond decription. I love my kayak! With all the walking, paddling and sailing I have been doing I have to constantly remind myself to rehydrate...a little bout with heat/sunstroke/dehydration knocking me on my butt for a couple of days is a good reminder. What can I say "I should know better".

A definate highlight of January was our Thanksgiving in January. We all decided down here in Juncalito that we really do have a lot to be thankful for...great friends, family and the opportunity to hed south to warmer weather in the winter, so Bob and Mary deepfried 3 turkdys and yet another feast was held in Juncalito.

I can't believe 3 months are gone already and only that only 2 more remain until we have to head north. Time doesn't stand still but then again neither do we!

A Cardinal enjoys a bit of citrus on a branch near our camp.

Bob and Mary showoff one of their prize turkeys.

Ken's yellowtail, what a fight!

Chris and Carl, Edith and Peter, and Ken and I enjoy a happy hour at a nearby hotel/timeshare. It's good to get off the beach once in a while.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Seasons Greetings

The holidays have been good to us here in Juncalito. Lots to eat and drink with lots of great friends. The wind blew in the holidays with cooler weather(temperatures to 4 degrees one night had Ken putting on long johns)but still very pleasant. Christmas Eve found us at Rattlesnake beach(just down the road from us)at a bonfire with appies and cocktails, Christmas Day we had a potluck baron on beef dinner on our beach with about 16 of us, and New Years Eve was spent again with friends on the beach enjoying a "soup kitchen" where everyone brought a pot of soup. There were about 15 types of soups to try, with everything from my garlic soup to shrimp gumbo, seafood chowder and chicken veggie or lentil, there was something every ones tastes and lots of leftovers for New Years Day. The evening was capped of with fireworks in the village and we were home and in bed not too long after Baja Midnight(8:30)and no hangover in the morning!

With the wind blowing we went out sailing with Carl on one of the last days of the year. As it turned out it was the only day when the wind didn't blow until 11:30 so we motored to a nearby island and went for a hike while we waited for the wind to start picking up, which it did, so we could sail for a few hours. It turned out to be a great day for hiking and sailing, what luck!

Now, as we are in the New Year, the wind has calmed somewhat and again we are settling into the quiet days and evenings on the beach. 2012 wow, another one down!

Ken makes a toast to the holidays at Christmas dinner.

Rowing SWEET PEA to shore on our day sailing with Carl. That's BLEW in the background, Carl's 28ft Lance sailboat.

The view of Honeymoon bay with BLEW and a private yacht moored.

It was quite the hike up a rocky ridge to a the top of the island...

but what a view we had!

On New Years Eve we had another bonfire on the beach and a treat of some entertainment of some didjrity-doos (spelling???) being played.