Moto Adventures

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A new adventure

How fast time flys! We spent 6 weeks in Westbank preparing mentally and for this trip(what can or can't we bring with us on our flight to Europe and what from that list will fit on our 750 Honda Africa Twin that sits waiting for us in Germany)and now we are sitting in the Calgary airport waiting for take-off, luggage successfully checked:) The last few days have been hard but exciting for us, saying goodbye to friends and family is never easy and the anticipation of our year(s) to come, travelling on the bike, is bitter sweet. That being said, as I am writing, friends will be waiting to pick us up upon arrival in Frankfurt(or at least I hope they are). We are looking forward to seeing many new, beautiful and exciting places and meeting new friends but we will never forget the beauty of the Okanagan Valley, and without getting all sentimental and sappy we will miss our friends and family more!

This is where I had planned to add a few photos of the Okanagan and family but(new ipad)until I can figure out how that is done on this new device this text will have to do...hopefully it is not too long.
My sisters, Sharon and Karen,and I are not together very often but when we are we have a lot of fun