Moto Adventures

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Camper

Ken is very proud of his Dorado. He has waited a long time to bring one of these in! They are a magnificent color in the water, bright blues and greens and yellows, not to mention they fight like there's no tomorrow(which I guess technically there isn't for them) flying out of the water, twisting trying to get loose.

The locals are happy he has brought in diner as well, they have been waiting patiently.

And one large Grouper kept Ken on the line as it drove into the rocks looking for a place to get way!

It has been a good year for fishing so far. We have enough fishing stories to fill a book but I will not bore you. Suffice to say we are getting our fill of ceviche and fish cooked every way you can think(sometimes for days/meals at a time). Lots of community fish cookouts and potlucks on the beach. This Thursdays however we are doing a U.S. Thanksgiving dinner on the beach inclusive of turkey and the works...yum.

Weather has cooled off a little with highs of about 26-27 in the daytime and the water temperature has dropped at least 10 degrees since we arrived. But who is complaining? Not I!
Lovin' the Life!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Ken loves the water and this year he has been able to enjoy the warm 85 plus degree water in more than one way. I, on the other hand sprained my ankle on the day before we crossed into Mexico so I have been doing little but reading and enjoying the sun.

Out in the kayak, Ken paddled with a 8 meter whale shark, at times he would hang on to the tail or dorsel fin and get pulled along. I, on the other hand was happy enough to paddle along with in awe of the size and beauty on this amazingly gentle creature.

Sometimes it is very hard just trying to keep cool with temperatures in the high 30's in the day and just way to warm to sleep at night.

Out into the waves...armed with the kayak, skirt and paddle. Oh what fun he'll have!

The waves break and the kayak flies!

The waves break and Ken flies!

A photographer from France, making a photo book thought Ken was an interesting character, don't we all!!!

It's great, together again. After meeting this summer at Liard Hot Springs Gaby, Hiske (from Holland), Swantja, Stefan (from Germany), and Ken and I met up again in Juncalito to enjoy a margarita or two and a story or two about our love of travel.

Well here we are again doing our thing down here in the Baja at Juncalito. We have set-up our camp and are getting down to a routine of daily life on the beach, morning sunrises over the bay, swimming in the 80 degree water, fishing and happy hours with our friends. The weather here was definately warmer than we are used to with nights cooling down to 30 degrees and not a puff of air movement in the camper. Days are down to 29 degrees instead of 39 now and we can handle that! Life goes fast on the beach but here a few highlights from our stay so far.