Moto Adventures

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mother Nature, someone tell her it is near the end of April

Ken sweeps snow from our Toyota first thing Saturday morning.

Mother Nature can be so cruel or maybe it is just her idea of a joke, when we woke up on Saturday morning after over a week home with warm weather and hours working out in the yard getting it back in shape after over 2 years with little attention, we found over 2 inches of snow on the ground and temperature looming around zero. I guess it was harder for Ken and I to handle the sight of snow because we have not seen it in a long time and we were already struggling with the adaption to the reality of life back at home. Today however, the skys are sunny even if the temperature is still cool (0 deg. Celsius) and I think we will live! Now lets see...where did I put those long johns...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All good things....

One of the last sights to see before leaving the Baja is miles of desert flowers and cacti in bloom.

A full moon rises of the Arizona desert.

Home sweet home, camped at Quartsite in our camper and Mom and Dad in their fifth wheel.

Joshua tree in bloom.

That's what they say "all good things must come to an end", I say they are wrong!!! All great things may temporarily be put on the back burner to be kept warm with thoughts and plans for another day.

After leaving the Baja, we met up with my parents in Arizona and spent two relaxing weeks in Quartsite and one in Lake Havasu. Daily walks with dad, oh so happy hours and evenings filled with the sound of the Mexican train (I just couldn't loose) kept us occupied and up until at least 9:00 pm, I think Ken and I may have a problem raising early when we get back to work. All the way home Ken looked for a 1993 or older Toyoto 4by4 (vehicules 15 years or older are easier to import) he also had his eye open for a mountain bike, he didn't find either until he got home. Now you will find him riding a black Santa Cruz or driving a maroon 1990 Toyoto, unless he is out in the bush riding his KTM

Don't get the wrong idea though, the weather has been cool since we got home a week ago and we have not had too much time for r&r and playing with any of those new toys. Moving back into the house and getting ready to go to work have kept us busy, I have been painting and unpacking boxes and Ken has been clearing out the yard of some very overgrown trees and shrubs. It is amazing how much things can grow in two years. Save on Foods has me back on the schedule April 29th and Ken is off to work with his buddy Shaun on the 28th doing rock work.

Two and a half years, can you believe it? We have really been lucky. The only thing is we would really rather be out discovering new places and roads than returning home. We have met a whole lot of great friends on the road, and many we will see again in the future. 33 countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Moracco, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Rep, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece. It may seem like a lot but the time has just flown by way too fast, and we still have a few places we want to visit. First, back to work to make some money to ensure all things do not come to an end!